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Wow! I felt like a brand new person after my cryo session. It gives me a runners high feel. I was energized the rest of the day! This is someting I will add to my daily routine


I love the compression therapy! My legs always feel great after it. The studio was extremely busy this morning and the girl working was amazing being very quick and still kind and accommodating.

Gene N.

“Amazing! Clean and modern, such a friendly staff!”

Rebecca C.

“The nicest and most accommodating staff. Such a unique experience… will definitely be back!”

Rob M.

“It was a little scary at first. But the specialist was so patient and nice. She talked me through the whole process so it was more bearable. I felt totally refreshed afterwards.”

Frank R.

“My back feels so rejuvenated and pain free after a quick 3 min treatment.”

Ashley K.

“I only wish the Infrared session was longer! My body feels great and refreshed from the inside out.”

Carl M.

“Pure bliss. Just what my body needed after working out.”